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A Beginners Guide to BODYPUMP

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

BODYPUMP is a 55 minute whole body strength workout held in our group fitness studio. You do not need any prior strength training knowledge or experience.

If you are brand new to our BODYPUMP classes and workouts in Milford and Norton, MA, I highly recommend coming a bit early and introducing yourself so the instructor can help you get properly set up. This is by no means a requirement, but it can be helpful to you and the instructor.

BODYPUMP is low impact, and you remain in one area for the entire class. When you arrive you will need to grab a bench, a barbell, weights to go on the barbell, a set of small free weights and a mat. The first song is a warm up track and you will be able to try a variety of the movements which you will experience throughout the class. Often the track starts with Romanian deadlifts, dead rows and upright rows. As the track progresses we will demo and practice the clean and press, squats and lunges. This track will give you an idea of the weight you want to use for the rest of class. The instructors at our BODYPUMP classes in Milford and Norton, MA will guide you track by track on what to add or subtract on your bar for each muscle group.

The order of tracks in class never changes with the 55 minute format. However, the movements used in each track and the music played will change frequently to keep your body guessing and to continuously challenge your muscles to help gain strength. For example, in one version you may start with bicep curls using the bar, move to free weights and do some bicep rows and then finish with hammer curls.

The order of tracks is:

  1. Warmup

  2. Squats

  3. Chest

  4. Back

  5. Triceps

  6. Biceps

  7. Lunges

  8. Shoulders

  9. Core

  10. Stretch

In each track we will use light to moderate weight and perform exercises targeting just one muscle group using a high number of repetitions to increase strength. By the end of each track you should feel fatigued and ready to take a break. If you ever feel as though the weight is too heavy or too light you always have time to exchange weights or take a quick rest and then join back in.

In your first 1-3 BODYPUMP classes at our Milford or Norton, MA locations, you should keep the weights you use very light and use the class time to get a feel for the movements used and the tempo of class. Once you feel more confident you will want to start slowly increasing the weight you use in each track. We recommend starting with the bigger muscle groups. Such as adding weight to squats, chest or the back tracks first. As you get more comfortable with that, you can begin to add weight to the smaller muscle group tracks like biceps and shoulders

Not only does the music and the energy of the other members around you make this a super fun way to workout, but continuing to increase your weight and constantly changing the movements patterns will keep you and your muscles from getting bored. This combined with the high repetition of movements in class will get you results fast. Les Mills has studied this “rep effect” and confirmed that it is often more effective for people than traditional strength training.

We offer both live and virtual BODYPUMP exercises from our Milford and Norton, MA gyms throughout the week. If you have additional questions or would like to set up a free 30-minute demo please feel free to reach out to me. You can email me or call the club to schedule a time. You can reserve a spot in any of our BODYPUMP classes in Milford or Norton, MA from our app. You can see our Group Fitness schedule here.

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