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Spring into Fitness - Try Something New!

Spring is a time for regrowth and renewal. The days have become longer and the weather is just right to become more active and get out of that winter blues, lethargic mode. Try something new! If you don’t like what you have been doing for fitness and it doesn’t motivate you to workout, then change it! Change only happens when you make the choice to do so. Pick something new to try and stick to it at least 3 times a week for 4 weeks before you modify. The magic happens once you are consistent with your choices and know how to progress to the next level. Mix things up to keep it interesting. Try an alternative when the original gets boring. Your body moves in more than one plane, so you should train in more than one plane of motion. Try these alternatives below.

Too much to figure out? As a certified fitness & health and wellness coach, I am trained to help you progress in your fitness level and to modify your nutrition to get optimal results. I love teaching my clients how to get the most out of their workouts.

Reach out and set up a FREE orientation with me today - get a free workout and learn about the different personal training packages we offer!

Your success is important to me! We offer many different personal training packages which

allow us to work together on a regular basis to progress you forward in your fitness journey.


Imrana G. Kazam, PhD, NBC-HWC, CPT, CES, WLS

Personal Trainer, The GYM @ Milford

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