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Why train with TRX (Total Resistance eXercise)

We all have one piece of exercise equipment that we love more than another and mine is definitely the TRX.

TRX was created by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick in 1997. It all started when he was overseas on a military mission. We know that military personnel, especially Navy SEALS, need to be in top shape. The Navy Seal basic exercises are pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups and dips, these are all body weight exercises.

Randy Hetrick was looking for a way to maintain his fitness and training in less than optimal conditions. He used the straps of a broken parachute attached to one of the military tanks and used it to challenge his body. After using this set up successfully to stay fit, he began developing what we now know as the TRX once he got home from his tour. People quickly realized that this was an easy way to stay in shape and they could bring it along anywhere with them. Gyms set up areas with multiple TRX straps and offer classes and small group training with it.

So why do I love TRX so much?

  1. Everyone can use it, all levels of fitness, and all age groups. I use it often with the senior population

  2. Workouts using it burn fat, build strength, improve heart health, mobility and flexibility

  3. Gravity is your resistance

  4. You can regress or progress all the exercises you do on the TRX with simply changing the position of your body by moving you feet or arms

  5. Easy to travel with, can be easily used anywhere from gyms to doorways to a park to a beach

  6. Working out with the TRX is a true total body weight workout that constantly challenges your core. Yes, every exercise uses your core to some kind of degree. It also challenges your entire body in all planes of motion sagittal, frontal and transverse

  7. Lower risk of injury compared to other equipment

  8. New twist on most of old fashion exercises from pushups to rows to deadlift to planks to biceps to triceps to jump squats and more

A lot of athletes use TRX.

  • Golfer Rory Mcllroy, Phil Mickelson

  • Swimmer Natalie Coughlin the 12 time Olympic medalist

  • Cross fit athlete Kari Pearce who placed third at the CrossFit 2020

Remember TRX is for everyone and can be use almost everywhere.

Strength, flexibility, mobility, core and cardio workouts all training with the TRX.

I know you will love it too. If you are interested in starting a group training session or private session with me, reach out to


Maria D'Agostino

NASM-CPT, AFAA-PTC & PGEC, MADD DOG Spin Instructor, TRX Suspension Training Instructor

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