Latest Update 5/29/21:


It comes with great deliberation and consideration that we inform you that we will be lifting some of our COVID Restrictions within the club:


· Masks will NOT be required for those members who have chosen to be vaccinated and are outside of their two-week waiting window. We ask that anyone who is not yet vaccinated, or is still within their two-week waiting window after their second vaccine remain masked at this time.

· There will be NO closure for cleaning from 12:45-1pm. While we are still going to be sanitizing throughout the day, however we will no longer be closing the facility to do so.

· There will be NO exclusive 60+ or immunocompromised workout hour from 1-2pm.

· The sauna WILL be open!

· ALL showers WILL be open.

· ALL lockers WILL be open.

· ALL fans will be on.

· Babysitting opens 6/1 by appointment only. Masks must be worn at all times within babysitting by staff and children. Ages allowed will be 3-12 years of age.  Sign up here


· There will STILL be spray bottles at the time of check-in. While we understand that the CDC has stated that COVID isn't transmittable on surfaces, we do think that it is imperative to maintain a higher standard of cleanliness within the facility, and feel that having each member sanitize after equipment use along with our staff periodically cleaning, is the best way to do this.

· Increased air purification systems. We made the investment early on to optimize our air purification systems with the use of UV lights in our HVAC systems and will maintain a higher level moving forward on both the gym floor and in our group exercise studios.  We also upgraded to hospital grade MERV-13 filters.

· Increased fresh air exchange. Along with our UV lights in our HVAC system, we also invested in the increase of fresh air into the facility via our fresh air exchanges on the roof.

· Touchless entry. We will keep the doors being touchless moving forward.

· Hand sanitization upon entry and exit of the facility. We will ensure that everyone has the ability and encourage everyone to utilize hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the facility.


·  Spray Bottles:  We will continue to give everyone a spray bottle at check in to encourage all members to clean equipment after use.

· Class Capacity:  We will keep our class capacity as is to continue to keep everyone spaced out

· Class Reservations:  We will continue to require reservations for all our classes

· Virtual classes:  There will be NO virtual spin classes until we get the system set up in the spin room.


- Towel service:  will be temporarily unavailable

We support and encourage everyone to take the safety precautions they are comfortable with, including continued use of masks or social distancing to have a successful workout experience at the club.  We are looking forward to accommodating more of our current and former members as we transition and return to some sense of normalcy.  Thank you all for your patience and for supporting us through the pandemic.  We look forward to seeing your smiles again!

- The Gym Management