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The Most Versatile Piece of Equipment at The Gym Milford

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

This Freemotion machine is without a doubt the most versatile exercise machine at The GYM @ Milford.

To demonstrate just how much you can do with this Freemotion machine, here is a sample workout. This work out is designed for active recovery, therefore there’s no need to rest in between exercises. When using this exercise machine and workout at our Milford, MA location, you are going to do three sets of all exercises increasing the weight used for each set when possible. All you will need for this workout is the Freemotion machine and a stability ball.

1. Squat Row

Begin with the adjustable arms at number 13. Weight should be moderately heavy since we are using bigger muscle groups here. Step about 3 feet from the free motion machine facing the machine, handles in your hand. Drive your heels into the floor keep your butt tight and your abs tight and sit into your squat. As you stand back up drive your heels into the floor and squeeze your glutes and your abs and pull the handles until your hands are right beside your rib cage. Repeat 12 to 15 reps. This works glutes, hamstrings, quads, back, biceps, and core.

2. Standing Pec Fly

Put the adjustable arms on number 7. The weight should be lighter than your squat row, grab the handles and face away from the machine and step out again about 2 to 3 feet so there’s constant resistance on the cables. Start with your arms at your side parallel to the ground and then pull your arms towards each other like you’re hugging a big tree. Find a weight that feels challenging but not a struggle. (don’t compromise form) You’re looking for sets of 15 and you are working your pecs here a.k.a. chest muscles, make sure you are squeezing as you hug the tree.

3. Seated Lat Pulldown

Grab the stability ball, put the ball right in front of the weight stack and adjust the arms to number 1. Weight should be a bit heavier than your chest fly. Take the handles and sit down on the ball facing the machine. Your arms are extended straight up overhead, squeeze the back and pull the handles down to the sides of your ears. Repeat for 15 reps and try to increase the weight each set.

4. Standing Tricep Extension:

Keep the arms at number 1 and adjust your weight to be lighter than your chest fly weight. Face the machine close, but with enough room to extend your arms. Grab the handles and put your elbows right beside your rib cage, hold them there tight. Start with your hands at your shoulders and then you’re going to extend from the elbow to straighten your arm so that your hands are down at the hips exhaling as you extend. We are working the back of the arms (triceps). Repeat for 15 reps and try to increase the weight each set.

5. Seated Overhead Press:

You will need the exercise ball again for this one. Adjust the arms to number 13. Weight will be around your tricep weight. Sit on the ball facing away from the machine and bring your hands up to your ears with your palms facing away from the machine. Press the weights straight up overhead exhaling as you push. Return it back down to ear height, repeat this 15 times and try to increase the weight each set for three sets.

6. Weighted Stability Ball Crunch:

Keep the handles at number 13. You’re going to start on the stability ball facing away from the machine. Weight should be around chest weight. Take the handles up over your shoulder resting on your collarbone. Roll your body down on the ball so that your lower and mid back are on the ball. Keep those handles right at your collarbone and crunch up. Repeat 15 to 20 times, use a weight that allows you to keep your form and not feel your lower back.

7. Seated Chest Press:

You’re going to use the ball as back support with this one. Keep the handles at number 13. Put the ball against the weight stack keeping the weight at your chest fly weight or more. Then sit on the floor with the back against the ball. Bring the handles up to the armpits. Your elbows should be at a 90° angle and press out straight in front of you to squeeze your chest and your abs. Repeat for 15 reps and try to increase the weight each set.

8. Bicep Curl:

Keep the arms at number 13 grab the handles and face away from the machine. Keep the elbows pinned to the back of the rib cage and pull the handles up 3/4 of the way towards your shoulders. Squeeze the biceps, repeat for 15 reps and try to increase the weight each set.

If this workout is done as an active recovery work out meaning that you do not rest in between each exercise. Doing this specific exercise machine workout at our Milford, MA location should take you about 30 minutes. If you want to make it more intense you can throw a cardio exercise in between each of the strength movements. For example, do a set of squat rows and then do a set of 15 med ball slams. Then after the chest press and then do a set of kettle bell swings. After the tricep extensions add a set of burpees etc.


Tracy Carson

Personal Trainer, The GYM @ Milford


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