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Enjoying your fitness journey is equally as important as reaching your end goals. Being able to lift the most or run the furthest means nothing if you don’t enjoy it.



Bachelor's Degree in Exercise
Science with a concentration in
Health Fitness
CPR & AED Certified

My fitness journey started in the pool. I have been a competitive swimmer since I was 7 and as I progressed
through the years, I learned that being able to help others achieve their goals was my calling in life. It started
with giving my friends tips in the pool, to becoming an assistant coach, and ultimately lead to me pursuing a
degree in Exercise Science so that I could gain as much of an understanding as possible in all aspects ofbeing fit
and healthy.


Fitness isn’t just about looking good. Feeling good is equally as important. I am about getting physical and mental results for all of my clients (head to toe).

Vivian is an accomplished marathon runner with four marathons to her credit. Since 1999 she has coached, motivated and inspired runners in Massachusetts through working with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Team in Training. Vivian is a certified running coach, under the teaching of Dr. Jack Daniels. With a certification through AFAA she has since crossed over to strength training and is continuing her education through NASM and by attending functional training seminars.


Whether you're old or young, male or female, super-fit or just getting off the couch, you will get results by workouts using multi-directional and multi-planar movements.




Aerobics and Fitness Association

of America


National Academy of Sports Medicine

SPIN with Mad Dog Athletics

TRX Qualified Instructor



There has never been a time where fitness is more important than now. Our world is changing rapidly thanks to the advancements of technology. With more and more people working behind screens all day, we are becoming more sedentary than ever before. Movement is medicine, and the same way medication is prescribed, exercise is likely to follow suit. Do not wait until then, take the initiative and be proactive with your health.

Ever since I was in High School I knew that I wanted to have a career that would directly improve the quality of life for others. Having a passion for fitness and weight training lead me to explore the importance of nutrition at a young age. After experiencing first hand how crucial nutrition is in reaching goals, I decided to get my degree in culinary nutrition and then become a certified trainer. Now I am looking to help others built a healthy yet sustainable lifestyle.  




National Federation of Personal Training

 (BS Culinary Nutrition)

TRX Qualified Instructor



I believe we don't HAVE to do this- we GET to do this.  
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right"

For over 25 years, fitness and personal training have been my passion. I love the science of the field and continually educate myself as new info is available. We are never done learning.  I also enjoy the wellness coaching aspect of what I do and see it as "Gym Therapy".  Whether it's someone working to set and achieve their goals of getting into the best shape of their life or as a fitness competitor, I love working with all types of clients.

My own personal journey has helped me lead clients into healthier, fitter lifestyles while learning to love themselves along the way. I have overcome many obstacles which have made me grow into who I am today. During my younger years I battled an eating disorder and over 12 years ago I suddenly developed Alopecia Universalis, an autoimmune disease  which left me completely hairless.  This forced me to restart my life and take control of the things I could control which led me to start competing as a Fitness competitor.

I look forward to continuing to combine my fitness knowledge and life experience to help others achieve their potential.



BA -Springfield College

NASM / ASFA Certified

TRX Qualified Instructor

IFBB Figure Pro

APEX Nutrition Certified

Posing Coach (Figure)

NPC Judge


Fitness is the perfect escape from anything that life throws at you. When you come into the gym, I challenge you to switch your mind off and focus on yourself for one full hour. With the constant communication of the modern world this is our chance to take a daily hiatus from life stress and not only improve our physical but mental health as well.

 I began strength training at the age of 12 to enhance my performance on the football field. After a few years of training, my passion for building muscle began to eclipse my passion for sports. At the age of 15 I decided that I was going to make strength training my sole focus. This decision eventually lead me to a career in personal training and nutrition coaching. I am currently a national level NPC competitor and NPC athlete coach. When I am not training clients I spend my free time training myself. Fitness is how I spend 90% of my time.




National Federation of Personal Trainers


Precision Nutrition

TRX Qualified Instructor



It may not happen today or tomorrow, but with real effort & commitment it’ll happen

Brandon started training to gain a competitive edge in sports like football, basketball, & track. Eventually he began to enjoy the process of reaching the goals that he set out for himself. Brandon currently trains for Olympic weightlifting events. His goal is to help any & everyone find the same enjoyment in progressing toward their fitness goals that he found.  



B.S. Exercise & Sport Science


Certified Personal Trainer


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


A little progress each day adds up to big results

Michelle is a veteran certified Personal Trainer with over 17 years of experience.  She is passionate in applying her enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and experience to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals through customized exercise programs.  Being a former collegiate athlete, a military spouse and now a mom of 3, has given Michelle personal experience with the ups and downs of living a healthy lifestyle.  With knowing how busy life can be juggling kids, work and marriage, Michelle has passion helping her clients find balance in life so they can live a healthy lifestyle.



ACE Personal Training

ACE Sports Nutrition

ACE Strength and Conditioning Coach

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

STOTT Mat Pilates

First Aid, CPR and AED


Dream it, design it, do it! You are in charge of your choices.

Imrana has always had an interest in science and how that knowledge ties back to healthy living. Some of her favorite things to do are cooking & eating good food, working out, and being outdoors. Imrana achieved a graduate degree in science and worked in the corporate sector on clinical trials to help move new drug therapies to market.  Imrana had 3 children and lost the 40lb pregnancy weight gain after each child, but  in retrospect realized that her pregnancies would have been easier  if she had exercised during  them. In addition, Imrana found as she got older that her body & metabolism were changing and that she needed to be proactive about her health.

Over the years, Imrana realized her passion was to help people envision and reach their goals which led her on a journey to start her own business to be a life, health & fitness coach. This was a career shift & a holistic approach to health and physical fitness which has changed Imrana’s life, and she is motivated to help others understand and incorporate new habits into their lives for a healthier, energized, and stronger version of themselves.

Whether you're old or young, male or female, super-fit or just getting off the couch, you will get results by workouts using multi-directional and multi-planar movements.




(National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer)


(Certified Master Health Coach)

Personal Development Coach

BA: Biochemistry & Psychology

PhD: Cell Biology


Always choose something over nothing.

Sarah has always been active playing sports or coaching, running, and loving to exercise. After college exercise helped her offset a demanding job as a chemist and she lived at the gym when not at work.

One day she decided to get certified in her favorite class.  She quickly realized that this was where her passion was and after obtaining a few more certifications she left her job in R&D for motherhood and fitness!

3 kids and 13 years later she still absolutely loves what she does.  It doesn’t matter if she is teaching class or training, she loves watching people fall in love with exercise. 

As the Fitness Manager here at The Gym, her goal is to give anyone who walks in the door a comfortable atmosphere to work out while having fun and reaching goals.  She believes if it is fun, achievable and you feel amazing after, you will be hooked and unstoppable. 




(National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer)

Youth Exercise Specialist

Certified to teach: LesMills BodyFlow, BodyPump, Combat, RPM, CX, SPRINT and Born to Move

TRX and Keiser Spin Certified

B.A Chemistry



If it were easy everyone would do it!”

Tracy has as enjoyed being involved in sports whether playing or coaching others. After struggling with weight and injuries she dedicated herself to gaining as much knowledge of proper nutrition, fitness and general health. Her goal is to consistently improve her own health and well-being as well as others. Tracy brings over 11 years of personal training experience working with a very diverse clientele. Tracy enjoys new fitness and health experiences. Her past experience includes weight loss and gain, shoulder, knee, hip and back injuries, competitive bodybuilding, figure and bikini training, functional and balance training, and general fitness.




American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer


Certified Fitness Nutrition


Orthopedic Exercise Specialist


Functional Exercise Specialist


Corrective Exercise Specialist