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The GYM That Gets Results!

Our Personal Trainers in Milford and Norton, MA are experienced and dedicated to helping members of all fitness levels reach their goals.  We have a multitude of training programs that can be customized to the duration and frequency you need.  Call to schedule your free Orientation today with one of our Norton or Milford, MA fitness coaches! 

 Milford, MA Personal Trainer
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Milford Trainers


"Always choose something over nothing."

     Sarah has always been active playing sports or coaching, running, and loving to exercise. After college exercise helped her offset a demanding job as a chemist and she lived at the gym when not at work.

     One day she decided to get certified in her favorite class.  She quickly realized that this was where her passion was and after obtaining a few more certifications she left her job in R&D for motherhood and fitness!

     3 kids and 13 years later she still absolutely loves what she does.  It doesn’t matter if she is teaching class or training, she loves watching people fall in love with exercise. 

     As the Fitness Manager here at The Gym, her goal is to give anyone who walks in the door a comfortable atmosphere to work out while having fun and reaching goals.   Her philosophy as a personal trainer at our Milford gym is that if a workout is fun, achievable and you feel amazing after, you will be hooked and unstoppable. 




(National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer)

Youth Exercise Specialist

Certified to teach: LesMills BodyFlow, BodyPump, Combat, RPM, CX, SPRINT and Born to Move

TRX and Keiser Spin Certified

B.A Chemistry




"Fitness is the perfect escape from anything that life throws at you."

     I began strength training at the age of 12 to enhance my performance on the football field. After a few years of training, my passion for building muscle began to eclipse my passion for sports.


     At the age of 15 I decided that I was going to make strength training my sole focus. This decision eventually led me to a career in personal training and nutrition coaching. I am currently a national level NPC competitor and NPC athlete coach. When I am not training clients I spend my free time training myself. Fitness is how I spend 90% of my time.



National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT)


Precision Nutrition  (PNL1)


TRX Qualified Instructor



Norton Trainers
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Get fit with our personal trainers with goal setting, customized workout plans, motivation and support.

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