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THE THREE PIECE PUZZLE. It is still the beginning of the new year.

We all have new year resolutions.

Some of the most common new year resolutions are: to workout more, going back to the gym, eating healthy, feel better, losing weight….

We all start with good intentions but sometimes life gets in our way and we get side tracked or we get delayed starting or do not start at all because we aren’t sure where exactly to begin the journey of achieving our goal.

It is extremely common to go into a new year's resolution with a lot of questions. Many wonder which is better: more cardio… or more weight training…. less cardio… less weight training. Perhaps that class over there is better than doing it here on my own. Maybe I can do it without any exercise at all and purely on better nutrition.

When you really simplify all these questions we can put all the above into a big 3 piece puzzle (as I like to call it) the cardio, the weight training and the nutrition. The puzzle will not be complete until you have all three pieces.

I recommend everyone starts with nutrition, try using a food journal. You don’t need to have a physical paper journal, we all have a cellular phone with notes or apps on them…no excuses. You can write on it anytime of the day and night.

Write down ALL the foods you have throughout the day. Also write down how you feel at the end of the day. This journal should include any liquids consumed as well. Water goes in the journal as well as your coffee and tea. After a few days go back, read what you wrote and decide what you want to change. Just make sure you only change one thing a week.

Need extra help? ask a trainer or a nutritionist!

The second item to consider is weight training. Building muscle will burn more calories when you are at rest. If you are not sure how best to strength train, try taking a class or working with a personal trainer. If you are finding ideas on social media, magazines or online, you might not be getting the best information or exercises that will work for you body and your skill level. A personal trainer/instructor would be much more beneficial because they know your personal goals, past or current injuries and they can help you overcome your obstacles. A trainer or instructor will be right there with you challenging you and continuously changing your weight and can even provide you with programming to go between sessions.

The last piece is cardio. We all think going on a cardio machine and clicking a quick start workout (unless you are a beginner or have health problems) is the best answer. There are so many ways you can do cardio to make sure you work hard, to work you full potential to get to that famous burn zone.

Our bodies are so different from each other, not everything works across the board for every single person who tries it. Starting with these 3 main categories will really help put you in a great starting place. Need help? We have so many good trainers on our staff, make an appointment with one of us.

We will make sure the puzzle gets complete to a happier, healthier you!!!


Maria D'Agostino

NASM-CPT, AFAA-PTC & PGEC, MADD DOG Spin Instructor, TRX Suspension Training Instructor

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