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Working Out At Home

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Due to Covid-19, millions of people around the world are working from home. It is important now more than ever to stay active. Taking breaks through out the day to move will energize your family and help them focus better when they are learning and working. We all need a break from our screens. Encouraging your family to move can be daunting tasks so here are 6 ideas that will help you get your family moving!

1. Exercise Dice Game: This exercise dice game is a fun way to get kids

and adults moving. You can purchase these “Workout Dice” on line. You

roll 2 dice. One dice tells you what to do and the other will tell you how

long or how many repetitions to perform. For example do jumping jacks

for 30 seconds or do 10 squats.

2. Family hikes and bike rides: Weekends are a great time to connect with

your family so why not get some exercise while doing it! Download the

AllTrails app. This app will give you recommendations in your area for

family appropriate hikes and bike trails.

These fun workouts are great for kids and are about 10-15

minutes long. You can do the workouts with them or give yourself break!

4. Deck of Card Game: Grab a deck of playing cards. Take out all the face

cards, including the aces. Shuffle the cards. Then take turns drawing the

cards. Each card represents an exercise and repetitions: Hearts =

jumping jacks, Diamonds = push-ups, Spades = squats, Clubs = burpees:

Jacks = 11 reps, Queens = 12 reps, Kings = 13 reps, Aces = 14 reps. For

example, if you draw the Queen of Diamonds, you are doing 12 push-ups.

5. Log on to House Party at These fun workouts are about 15-20 minutes long. Another

great website to move with your kids or give yourself a well-deserved


6. Every week, at The Gym, there are virtual group fitness classes that

you can take with or without your family. Download The GYM MA app and

check out the variety of classes you can do in your own living room!

Happy Moving!!!!

Author: Michelle Ragain,

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

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