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The GYM is More Than Just a Workout

When COVID hit, the world shut down and with gyms closed across the world leaving people desperate for a good workout. Two weeks turned into a month and everyone started buying dumbbells, bands and bikes so they could workout at home.

So here you are 13 months later and you have been working out at home and you have no need for the gym, right? Don’t get me wrong, your home gym is an incredible option to have as a backup. However, are you sure you are really getting everything you need and crave from a workout? I think there is more to it than just having some equipment and throwing together a workout in your living room.

What if for the last 9 months while riding your online workouts, your bike set up has been completely wrong and you end up doing damage to your knees? Maybe that great class with all the burpees has your back all in a tizzy because you haven’t been squatting to get down to the floor and all the stress has injured your back? What if you have been squatting, but aren’t going deep enough or using enough weight so you aren’t seeing any results from it?

Do you ever find that when you are trying to workout at home you make excuses and don’t burn as many calories or don’t put in as much effort as when you are in the gym? Maybe it is because you are working from home now and work keeps calling. Maybe a few minutes into your workout you catch a glimpse of your laundry pile, can you stay focused and finish your workout to 100% or do you wander off and start on that laundry pile? Heading into the gym and removing all those distractions helps you stay focused on you and your workout.

With class or personal training, you have someone giving you the attention you need to teach you proper technique and keeping you safe. You have someone pushing you to help you reach your goals. Even out on the gym floor there are Personal Trainers and gym employees always nearby who can help you safely use the machines. You can feel safe knowing that our staff will always step in and offer to help correct you if you are in danger of hurting yourself. We now have a Styku 3D body scanner that can help you see your body shape and composition. It will assist you to set achievable goals and track your progress.

Even if you are safely and effectively working out at home, are you having fun? Do you look forward to it? What about your favorite workout buddy, or the friend you always saw and chatted with after? Don’t you miss hanging out and grabbing a shake after your workout and catching up with your favorite front desk associate? There is more to working out at the gym than proper form and safety. It’s the atmosphere of surrounding yourself with like minded individuals and the energy that you feel from it. It makes you work harder, stay focused and push yourself to your max

Today more than ever we need to take care of ourselves, be selfish and do what will make us healthy and strong. So no matter where you are doing it, we hope you are exercising every day and staying healthy.

If you have not yet come back, we miss you! Please feel free to reach out to me via email,

or contact

and I will help you get back to your routine!

We want you to come back and be successful and we are here to help with whatever you need!

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